Hightest Good Copywriting

a magnetic marketing message

That Attracts, Aligns
and Activates

Your Ideal Client

Dull cookie-cutter sales speak. It’s not who you are.

You are called to serve others in a way that’s uniquely yours. Most likely, traditional marketing feels heavy, inauthentic, and may not align with your values. Am I right? Conscious entrepreneurs crave connection. Deep, down-to-your-toes connection. You have to feel the feels and find the flow! And you love to work with clients who are an energetic match.

That’s why the “blueprint of the month” and uninspired copy will never work for you. What you say and how you say it must align with your values and your message. You need true-to-you copy, powerfully crafted to speak to your ideal client. Copy that resonates on a deep level with the people who need what you offer. Copy that helps you create a warm and willing circle of people who will invest in your offers over and over, so you can achieve the success you desire. Copy that serves the Highest Good.

Jackie Cunningham - Highest Good Copywriting

Hey there, I’m Jackie!

Freelance Copywriter, Certified Funnel Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, and Conscious Entrepreneur.

I’ve worked with coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs for the better part of 15 years and I know there’s a mission that drives you. You have a story to tell — a message the world needs to hear. You know what you want to say but maybe not how to express it in your marketing.

That’s where I come in. I help you uncover what’s missing in your marketing message, streamline your strategy and pump up your profitability.

I thrive on digging deep to discover who you are, what you do, who your ideal client is, and why. Then the magic begins: crafting copy in a way that is authentically you that persuades your ideal client to come in for a closer look.

Funnel Copywriting

As a Certified Funnel Copywriter, I craft congruent content for every piece and part of your funnel — opt-in page, email sequences, sales page, thank you page, upsell, downsell, OTO …

Marketing Copywriting

Clear, concise messaging that resonates with your audience and aligns with your mission. Emails, social media posts, blog posts, articles, website copy, bios, social profiles …

Marketing Assessments

Missing the mark with your messaging will kill your marketing plan. An assessment will uncover the gaps and provide a complete written strategy for your funnel, content, automation …

Client Love

[Jackie] has saved my butt more than once ...

when I had no idea what to do to market and leverage my business … she continually impresses me with how amazingly deep (and effective) her expertise is. Jackie supports, advises and encourages me with real heart and passion. I know she has my back — and that’s priceless. 

Danny Ceballos, Unleashed Consulting, Inc.

You helped us create a very clear marketing system ...

Your enthusiasm, organization, talent and warm heart help us stay on track and grow our business in the way we want it to grow. You helped us create a very clear marketing system that runs like clockwork.

Kat & Curtis Knecht, Soul Driven Success

Jackie turns my ideas into reality.

I worry about the ‘what’ and she worries about the ‘how.’ She’s upbeat and I love her can-do spirit. She’s been great at handling my online marketing!

Mary Byers, CSP, CAE – Speaker, Author, Consultant

She will exceed your expectations.

Jackie is a gifted copywriter and was able to take a huge load off my plate. So far, I haven’t found anything she can’t do!

Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultants

A lot of money went down the drain and my groups never got off the ground.

I’ve proven I can waste a lot of money trying to do it myself. [Jackie] is so easy to work with and quickly understands what I need. I value that I can chunk something over the wall and POOF … I can deliver a quality learning program for advanced coaches with minimal effort and maximum revenue. The return is definitely higher than the investment.

Teresa J Pool, MCC, Transitions for Business

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